Are you the one preparing for IELTS?

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Do you want to crack IELTS and get settled abroad? If yes, then keep reading this because this course is for you. 

Learn easy tricks and tips from the experienced mentors online, without those confusing examples and boring lectures with bunches of grammar rules only.

  • No need of rushing anywhere or the coaching institutes to learn English.
  • Become an English expert in the comfort zone of your home.
  • The course is in a mixture of English and Punjabi, so the learners won’t find any difficulty while learning.
  • No limited classes. Get lifetime excess and stay updated life-long.
  • Learn when you want to; learn at your stride.
  • Get quick tricks for IELTS exams from self IELTS qualified trainers. (Learn more from their experience).
  • Repeat the lessons as many times as you want for better understanding.
  • Learn the practical experiences about IELTS pattern, areas of difficulties from IELTS qualified trainers.
  • This course will cover all the aspects of IELTS, i.e., Writing skills, Reading skills, Speaking skills, Listening skills.
  • Meet a better version of yourself.
  • And the best part… this course is extremely affordable. No more need to spend a hefty amount to prepare for IELTS.

Expertise over English to make your dream of studying abroad come true…

Studying and getting settled abroad is what everyone would have definitely dreamt once in his/ her life. But several reasons don’t let them achieve this. IELTS is one such.

If you have tried IELTS before, or planning for the first attempt, both will require good command over English along with fluent English speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. 

Don’t let these be an obstacle in your journey.

Actual price is 9999/- an we are selling this at 999/- only.

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You are reading this because you want to be proficient enough to get IELTS and other competitive exams qualified.

It is completely okay if you have missed your grammar lectures in you school days. Obviously, who would like those boring lectures from some untrained and non- experienced local faculties.

What they used to provide you was only a huge list of grammar rules, laden with bundles of confusing examples only.

What a hectic it used to be to remember those extensive series, especially when it seems to have no end…

Also, the faculty seem to have no experience and were there just to confuse you. Then, you used to feel like stucked between the ‘Do’s and the Don’ts’, that you never understood.

All these, consequently made you lose your interest in learning English, and feel like running away from English lectures, consequently left you out with crude speaking, writing, listening and speaking skills. 

Eventually, the teacher seems like an executioner. But you were unable to do anything, other than trying even harder and harder to get the language and acquire skills.

Years passed by, now you had no time to learn English from the basics. 

You would have probably tried to get such courses offline, in various institutes or coaching. 

But they charge not 5 or 10, but several decades thousands for 4 months training.

Why spending this much when you are getting the same in just Rs. 999/-

Now, your readers have this golden opportunity to grab this amazing course.


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Before getting straight into the course details, let me introduce myself.



About me

I am Risham Bansal. I have taught English in various reputed schools and ratted universities nationwide. 

Holding an experience of years, I own specialisation over spoken English training.

You might be wondering that after so many years of working, teaching hundreds of students, what made me provide this course online nationwide.

Dealing with numerous students, each belonging to different economic classes and different regions face so many issues in learning.



About me

Once, I also used to be an IELTS aspirant like you. I also dreamt of getting my studies and jobs down there abroad. And I made my dream come true.

You might be wondering that, having a great job and lifestyle here, what made me to provide this course online nationwide.

So, let me tell you… I often get queries from students and their parents out there about how they can prepare for IELTS and score well.

This makes me get in touch with numerous students, each belonging to different classes- economically, socially and also regionally, facing so many issues in learning.

This may be due to various other factors like

  • Lack of guidance
  • Lack of capital for investing in coaching institutes
  • Lack of study plan and strategy
  • Lack of quality faculty And many more….

Also, various training centers and coaching institutes just deliver you the bookish knowledge, rules and examples. Some of them don’t guide you about the areas to be focused more, and the sections that require extra efforts.

There are certain things that only someone who has gone through the same phase can deliver you, with real experiences and tips that actually works…

All these issues put me on to start this online IELTS training course to help the struggling learners with my dedicated and strategic teaching methodology. This is what I can do to make future leaders for the nation and help the passionate students, housewives, businessmen or any other with my years of experience and hard earned knowledge in this field.

Here are some of the highlights that I am going to provide you in this course, that you should know-

  • This course is kept completely online, so that the students can learn as and when they want to, in the comfort zone of their homes.
  • The teaching language is a blend of English and Punjabi, so that the learners can understand in whichever language they are comfortable with.
  • You can repeat the lessons as many times as you want to for better and strong understanding.
  • The course is arranged in an efficient and structured manner, so that both, the beginners and the professionals get the topics stepwise.
  • The basics have paid more concentration, to make the foundations of the learner strong.
  • Starting from the basics first, the course moves towards the advanced level so neither beginners and nor the professionals find it difficult to understand.
  • The teaching methodology has kept simple and effective, detailed explanations with live examples, correlated with real live incidents to make the session more interesting. This also helps the learner to retain things for long.
  • Interactive sessions. No one sided teaching, rather making it more interactive for better understanding and results.
  • Timely worksheets, practice papers and assignments are also provided for self- assessment.
  • This course will definitely help you in several competitions and job interviews.
  • Online interaction with other learners with the same interests to make learning together and learning with fun.

Stop roaming institute to institute to fulfil your dreams to get your dream job, settling or studying abroad.

Get the tried and tested study strategy and mind maps to get everything on your tips, from our team of IELTS qualified mentors and trainers.

An exclusive IELTS training program, that covers all the aspects and criteria of IELTS exam and pattern.

From the basics to the pro level, the entire modules are scheduled in a more practical manner, so that the learner gets the topics stepwise.

Also, the explanations are kept in such a very simple and efficient local language that the learner doesn’t face any difficulty while understanding.

We provide quality lectures from the IELTS qualified and experienced trainers nationwide.

With integrated teaching methodology, summed up with latest technologies and experienced faculty can do miracles to you and your career ahead.

Along with the lectures, we regularly provide assignments, test series and practice sheets, to speed up your learning and make the concepts crystal clear.

No more need to spend those hefty amounts for learning English for IELTS

No more roaming and institute to institute visits in search of a true mentor and trainer.


The structure of working is basic and straight.

  • Watch quality video lectures from the faculty to get in- depth knowledge. You can repeat the lecture if you feel the need.
  • Ask the doubt if any in the doubt session taken by the faculty itself.
  • Complete the assignment, worksheets and homework given by your mentor on time.
  • Submit it online and get your mistakes pointed out, with detailed explanations and reasons.

A glance at what it covers…

So, I can assure you that you will get more than what you expect.

From the very basics to the advanced level… everything is going to be covered is this course.

Have a glance at the course and modules as designed-

Listening skills

Reading skills

Writing skills

Speaking skills

So, now, make up your mind to fill up the spaces in your concepts and give a boom to your career.

There is one thing that I can bet at… the prices I am charging is way lesser than the quality we provide…

Actual price is 9999/- an we are selling this at 999/- only


Just Rs.999/-

For limited candidates only-

Only 270 seats remaining….


Don’t miss this golden opportunity….

Hurry up and get enrolled….

asked questions

No, as this is an online program. You can watch the lectures anywhere, anytime and as many times as you want. But the download access is not provided.

We are currently not providing any such facility.

Opportunities won’t wait…. Make your dreams come true… Impress your colleagues and seniors…

Opportunities won’t wait….

Make your dreams come true…

Impress your colleagues and seniors…

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